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8 Unforgettable Events For Marquee Hire

Events for marquee hire can extend to ALL outdoor events in the UK. It has recently become one of the easiest ways to plan a unique and memorable event. 

It’s not only cheaper compared to traditional venues but also more versatile and offers excellent weather protection.

So, as you can imagine, these benefits and more make a marquee the perfect venue option for many events.
In this article, we’ll look at eight types of events that are perfectly suited to a marquee. 

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1. Weddings

Despite being a cliché, weddings still top the charts as the best events for marquee hire, and for a good reason. Marquees give you the flexibility to host the event in any location you want with minimal extra costs! The UK has some picturesque locations but let’s face it, we can’t always rely on the weather. 

Whether your dream wedding location is the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea, on a hilltop, or in your garden, these elegant structures allow you to hold the event there and share the experience with your guests. Marquee hire in Sussex, Kent, Essex and many more locations is but a click away from making your special day a memorable one you will never forget.

You also get complete control of the wedding theme and decorations, the size of the guest list and entertainment options, and even the caterer’s space! So, you can keep the champagne on ice with cold room hire or refrigerated trailer hire.

You simply can’t go wrong with a marquee for your wedding!

2. Corporate events

If you’re looking for an alternative to a boring conference hall for your corporate event, hiring a marquee is the answer you seek. 

With a marquee, your employees, clients, and partners get a chance to interact in an unconventional indoor-outdoor environment, making it easier for them to strike up interesting conversations. 

You also get a blank canvas to decorate and style as you please, enabling you to integrate your brand identity into the venue. 

Most corporations will design their marquee spaces with company logos, colours, and messaging, as well as stylish lighting, furnishings, and décor. 

This makes the space ideal for all types of corporate events, from product launches, galas and conferences to team-building activities and formal dinners!

3. Private parties

For private events like birthday parties, anniversaries, garden parties, or Christmas parties, nothing beats the freedom of a marquee. It allows you to get creative and wild with the space, which is great for theme parties

The best thing about it is that you can easily accommodate your guests, however many, and you won’t have to shampoo your carpets afterwards. 

This is because marquees can be sized to handle both small gatherings of close friends and larger events with extended family and acquaintances. 

Plus, it works all year round, including during Christmas and throughout winter.

4. Cultural and community events

When you hire a marquee for a cultural event, you provide a safe and great space for the community to celebrate diversity, inclusivity, and openness. 

Marquee’s versatility allows you to convert it into a stage that meets your requirements. You can use it for traditional dances, storytelling sessions, musical acts, or artistic displays, and everyone will be impressed. 

Your guests also get a big open space to interact and share their cultures. This fosters a strong community spirit and appreciation for each other’s heritage. 

Overall, using a marquee adds a touch of sophistication to cultural events, which can have a reputation for being quite dull. 

5. Sporting events

Protection from harsh weather is one of the best reasons why you should consider a marquee for your sporting events. It protects the players and fans from excess heat, rain, and strong winds. 

But this isn’t the only reason to hire a marquee. 

These structures provide enough customisable space to host VIP guests, sponsors, and dedicated fan sections.

A marquee can also serve as a temporary structure for ticketing and hospitality, as well as an information area. 

Sponsors also love sports events that use marquees, as they can put up their customised promotional materials, signage, and banners for marketing.

6. Concerts and festivals

Music is food for the soul, a well-known fact, and that’s why we all flock to music concerts. Hiring a marquee for such events allows you to set the concert location anywhere you wish (including your garden, but be aware of the noise laws), and people will attend. 

Your marquees can provide space for food stalls, merchandise booths, and house concession stands, ensuring the attendees have the best time at festivals. 

Some modern marquees also come with a soundproofed design. If used correctly, they ensure exceptional sound quality within the marquee and an enjoyable listening experience for everyone. 

Additionally, the performers and attendees still get full protection from harsh weather conditions.

7. Charity events

As with community events, charity events also demand a lot of interaction between guests. Marquees provides a neutral and ambient atmosphere that encourages attendees to donate more. 

You can modify the space to suit pretty much any activity you may need. It can be turned into a silent auction room or used for sponsor displays, photo booths, etc.  

In this case, the process of hiring marquees is also cheaper, enabling you to give as much as possible to your charity. 

You also can’t miss a few ‘Instagram-worthy’ images from a marquee venue. They’re usually quite stunning, especially when customised to suit the event. 

8. Health and wellness events

There are many benefits to enjoy from hiring a marquee for a health and wellness retreat. For one, it gives everyone access to fresh air, green spaces, and natural light, which is perfect if you want to stay healthy. 

Secondly, the outdoor setting offers good privacy and security to the attendees, away from the prying eyes of the public. 

A marquee also provides the attendees with enough space to participate in other healthy practices like yoga, fitness workshops, and meditation sessions. 

How to hire a marquee for your next event

Now that you know which events you can choose to hire a marquee, it’s time for some tips to help you get the right one. 

  • Understand your needs – Your first step should be to determine the type of event you’re hosting, the expected guest count, the desired location, and your budget. This will help you select the perfect marquee for your event. 
  • Go for a reputable company – The best way to get a good marquee is to go for a good reputation. So, during your research, check for a company with good online reviews and experience. Ask for quotes for the project and check their credentials. 
  • Plan and communicate – Once you’ve settled on one company, schedule a site visit to assess the event location and determine any logistical challenges.
  • Make sure everything is in a contract – Even if you trust the marquee tent provider, ensure that everything you agreed to is indicated in the contract. This way, you won’t have any concerns about the payment process or any last-minute problems during your event.

Final Thoughts

Marquees are excellent spaces to use at your venue for almost every outdoor event. From weddings to corporate events to garden parties and even festivals and fairs, they ensure your guests have a blast all through your event.

But if you’re still on the fence about getting a marquee for your event, consult an expert for help. They’ll help you decide if a marquee will work with your situation.


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