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Wedding season is upon us and we’re receiving more rustic wedding marquee hire requests from happy couples than ever! We all want that perfect wedding and choosing a rustic wedding marquee is an excellent way to create the perfect rustic look for your special day. Whether you’re looking for a barn-style venue or something more outdoorsy, capri marquee hire can provide the perfect backdrop for all rustic summer weddings. Not only will it provide ample space for all of your guests, but it also offers plenty of opportunities to add rustic touches to your decor.

A Rustic Marquee Wedding

Wedding marquee hire doesn’t have to cost the earth. In fact, capri marquee hire offers the most affordable solution and is perfect for your rustic style wedding. We’re fortunate enough to be installing rustic wedding marquees all through the summer months and whether you’re inviting 50, or 150 guests, we can help provide you with truly unforgettable wedding a for under £2,500.

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Rustic Garden Wedding

Why not celebrate in the comfort of your own surroundings? An ideal countryside wedding are laid back, informal wedding celebrations where you can truly enjoy your day without the stress of a more formal wedding.

Although there are many different kinds of wedding themes you can go for, the rustic look is one of the most magical out there at the moment. It’s perfect for summer and autumn, and if you love things with an authentic/vintage feel to them, the rustic look would be a great choice for you.

Let’s take a look at how to create the rustic wedding marquee look.

When it comes to creating the perfect country style garden wedding, there are several things you can do with capri marquee hire. You can choose from a variety of materials and textures such as wood, burlap, and lace to create a unique atmosphere. You can also hang lanterns or fairy lights around the perimeter of the marquee to give it an enchanting glow. To really bring out the rustic marquee feel, consider adding some vintage furniture pieces like wooden benches or chairs with floral cushions. Finally, don’t forget about adding some greenery in the form of potted plants – these will help bring nature into your wedding venue and make it truly magical!

Here’re a few ideas to help you with rustic wedding decorations

Drinks and Jars

Transform your marquee wedding into a quaint, rustic wonderland by incorporating unique mason jars, twinkling lanterns, and bunches of wildflowers! Place all the different sizes of jars around the space for an intensely romantic effect: they can hold candles or small tea lights as perfectly-crafted centerpieces!


Rustic Style Table Arrangements and Decorations

Table arrangements do not have to be expensive. An inexpensive but attractive name tag can be created with a card and end of a log. Additionally, you can consider placing a single piece of Lavender or wheat in front of each setting. For a more impressive look, bunches of herbs like Rosemary can be further decorated with ribbon.

Hanging decorations are a popular and cost-effective decorating option for marquees, pathways, and other venues. They can be further enhanced with the addition of tea lights or fairy lights.

Constructing welcome signs and bunting can be done with rustic wood, ribbons, hessian and chalk. Hessian is a budget-friendly material to make signs and decorations, which can then be decorated with words or images. Bunting is cost-effective for making signs and decorations, as hessian is easily accessible at a low price and can be painted to form words or images.

Bunting, Music and Parquet Dance Floors

Bunting is an incredibly cost effective way to bring your rustic wedding marquee to life and goes hand in hand with almost all rustic weddings. It doesn’t cost the earth and choose the right colour and tones and it’ll tie everything together beautifully.

Music is our universal language and we’ve no doubt you’ll want to bust out some moves at some point in the day, but what we’ve seen in recent years is the falling popularity of physical dance floors. Dance floors are great at providing a focal point and believe it or not, help encourage and show your guests where to dance. Yes, I know how daft this sounds! However, a rustic wedding day is meant to be relaxed and informal. It’s an opportunity to let your hair down… forget the rules… life is a dance floor. In the church, in a field, on the lawn or in rustic marquee. Dance you little socks off!


Festoon Lighting and Fairy Lights

Strings of lights carefully positioned create a beautiful ambient glow and there’s no better form of gentle lighting for the job than festoon lighting and fairy lights. Warm white festoon lighting is a must for making the exterior of the marquee glow and provides a sweet amber light your garden space. Another form of creative lighting are warm fairy lights. We’ll run fairy lights around the arches of the marquee canopy to add to that rustic wedding charm. Lighting is everything when it comes to highlighting your rustic wedding decorations.

We hope you enjoyed our short rustic wedding blog, rustic wedding ideas and photos from recent events!

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