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Emergency Chiller Trailer Hire Services

Whether planning an event, or operating a business requiring temperature controlled goods, a chiller trailer can significantly benefit you. They play a critical role in preserving perishable goods. When a cooling system fails, it can have catastrophic consequences for businesses and/or facilities. They rely on temperature-controlled environments to maintain operations. This is where emergency chiller trailers come in, providing a flexible and efficient solution to prevent damage to your goods.

Let’s discuss everything you need to know about emergency hiring services.


What is a chiller trailer?

A chiller, refrigerated or emergency refrigerated trailer is a mobile refrigeration unit designed to chill temperature-sensitive goods. It is a large container with a built-in refrigeration system that maintains a consistent temperature range.

Chiller trailers are commonly used for emergency breakdowns for perishable goods such as fresh produce, meat, dairy products and drinks. To increase the security of our chiller trailer hire services, our chiller trailers are locked and secure on site. This includes our emergency freezer trailer hire too.

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What is emergency chiller trailer hire service?

An emergency chiller trailer hire service is a service that provides temporary refrigeration solutions. These services offer a range of chiller trailer options with varying sizes and cooling capacities to meet your specific needs. They are powered by a three pin 13 amp mains electricity supply, or 16 amp generator.

Emergency chiller trailer hire services or fridge trailer hire services are used in industries where temperature-controlled environments are critical. They are also used for events, such as weddings, festivals and outdoor events where temporary refrigeration is needed.

Refrigerated trailer rental services and our freezer units play a critical role in disaster preparedness and response. They provide businesses with reliable and efficient solutions to maintain operations and minimise the impact of unexpected cooling system failures.


Benefits of using emergency chiller trailer hire services

Our mobile chiller trailers can be delivered to your location, making them a convenient option for events or businesses that need refrigeration on-site. You don’t have to worry about transporting goods or equipment to a different location. There are some rental companies that offer nationwide delivery.

Wide range of rental options

If you need to hire chiller trailers for a special event, there are a couple of options when it comes to size and capacity. Whether you require a small chiller trailer for a wedding or a large freezer trailer for a food festival, you can find a chiller trailer that fits your needs. Frozen storage is a new service we now provide for 2023!

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Cost-effective solution

Hiring a fridge trailer is usually less expensive than purchasing or installing permanent refrigeration equipment. You only pay for the time you need the trailer and don’t have to worry about maintenance or repair costs.

Chiller Trailer Hire

Reliable cooling solution for your needs

Chiller trailers are designed to maintain a consistent temperature range, ensuring that your goods are kept fresh and safe. They can be powered by a variety of sources, providing a reliable and uninterrupted food storage solution.

Emergency backup for unexpected situations

Refrigerated trailer hire services or refrigerated storage offer emergency backup in case of unexpected refrigeration failures. This can help businesses avoid costly losses due to spoilage or waste. A cold storage trailer can also be hired at short notice, providing a quick and convenient emergency solution.

Ease of use

Chiller trailers and our freezer trailer hire service arrive equipped with necessary items for food and beverage cooling. Temperature confirmation and maintenance is simple. After the event, the cold storage solution is unplugged and retrieved easily.

Emergency Backup Chiller Trailers and Cold Room Rental

It’s crucial to position the trailer on a level piece of ground to avoid potential issues. Uneven ground could cause the trailer doors to malfunction or even result in ice blocks forming in the wrong places. To avoid these problems, select a suitable spot for the rental storage solution. If you have any problems please seek advice from our professional service team.

Parking the chiller trailer close to a power source

The temporary trailer must be close to a power supply as it runs on electricity. This is essential to maintain a consistent temperature when choosing to hire for events. Our emergency fridge trailer hire and fridge freezer trailers can be powered by a 13 amp or 16 amp power supply.

Ensure the rear doors are closed

It’s essential that the rear doors remain closed. Opening and closing the doors frequently can cause temperature fluctuations and compromise cooling. Leaving the doors open for extended periods of time can result in a rapid temperature rise and spoilage of the foods. Ensure that the doors are shut properly and only opened when necessary to maintain a consistent temperature inside the trailer.

Consult the hiring company for assistance

If you require backup emergency refrigeration hire, the team will guide you with the necessary information. They can help you set up the trailer at the desired location. To get the most out of the trailers, make sure you follow their guidelines to utilise the full potential of rental equipment. The hire team will assist you with the entire process, from selecting the right trailer to emergency delivery.

Final Words

A refrigerated or freezer trailer can provide a convenient and effective way to keep food and drink cool and fresh at your events. The small trailers work as backup emergency refrigeration in different situations. Make sure to select a reliable storage trailer rental company service to maximize efficiency and get the perfect solution. It is essential that the trailer runs smoothly and that the contents remain safe and consistent.


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