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Marquee Hire for Corporate Events is unquestionably a stunning and unrivalled alternative to a regular venue. Marquees allow attendees to interact in a comfortable and spacious atmosphere, regardless of the event, while experiencing the authentic essence of the occasion. As a result, marquee hire in Sussex has become a popular alternative for event planning. 

What exactly is a marquee?

Marquee hire for corporate events is a blank canvas on which you can put your desired theme, colours, furnishings, and decorations to create a customised atmosphere for the event. Because of the unpredictable nature of the weather, outdoor activities are frequently challenging to organise and manage.  

However, with a Capri marquee tent, you can be confident that your event will go as planned, regardless of the weather. A marquee can also be utilised to extend an existing space. While the venue cannot accommodate all of your guests, you might consider hiring a marquee as an effective and stylish solution to the problem.

Marquee Hire for Corporate Events. Capri Marquee hire in Kent - Marquee Hire in Sussex.

Why you should have marquee hire for corporate events

There are several reasons to hire a marquee. It can be hired for business events, family gatherings, weddings and exhibits.

Corporate event marquee – Marquees are beautiful, stylish and very professional. Without question, marquees are becoming increasingly popular for corporate occasions. Corporate marquees are in high demand because they provide outstanding accommodations for any corporate social gathering, business fair, seminar, or conference. 

They are also excellent at entertaining corporate clients while developing long-term commercial relationships. Hiring an alternative style marquee allows your company to stand out among rivals while also ensuring that the guests have a positive and lasting impression.

Whether you plan to launch a new product, re-brand an old one, or want to generate more leads and, therefore, more customers. Hiring a corporate marquee is perfect for promoting awareness about your brand and business!

Marquees hire for corporate events

Choosing Capri Marquee hire in Sussex is an outstanding temporary and unique exhibition structure for both business and hospitality occasions. They provide the professional appearance you need to make the right impression or wow factor on new and existing clients. 

Capri Marquees tents, because of their unique and memorable design, are hugely popular and assist in help your business stand out from the crowd.

Individual corporate functions

Marquees also provide corporate event organisers with a versatile area to decorate and furnish. While other indoor event locations can provide this, marquees have the extra benefit of being positioned out in the great outdoors.

Eureka hire’s Capri Marquee tents with their contemporary design, are a perfect alternative for companies hosting corporate presentations and exhibitions. And those events require specific and individualised attention. 

A capri marquee can be easily transformed from an ordinary tent into a visually attractive event with flowers, dramatic lighting, stage sets, and multimedia screens.

Do you want to know how to make your event go smoothly and successfully?

Eureka Hire provides a variety of Capri Marquee tents in Sussex; whether it’s for a wedding or a corporate event, hiring a magnificent marquee can make your event. 

If you need a reputable, dependable Marquee hiring in Sussex for an upcoming business event? Contact us right away to discuss your requirements with a member of our experienced, friendly team.

Looking to hire a marquee hire in Sussex? Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions:

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How Should I Decorate the Capri Marquee tent?

One of the main reasons people choose Capri marquee hire in Sussex is that it is a blank canvas giving you the opportunity to put your stamp on it. A beautiful white marquee provides you the opportunity to get creative. Bold contrasting colours, or the the natural rustic look – the choice is yours!

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How many can people seat in a Capri Marquee?

This is totally determined by the size and type of marquee hire Sussex. Consider the number of people you expect on that day, and the provider will recommend an appropriate structure based on your requirements and arrangement. Capri marquees are modular in design, meaning we can join them together to create much large marquee hire venues. Capri marquee hire in Sussex can accommodate anywhere from 20 to 1000 guests.

Are you marquees weatherproof?

All of our marquees come with a full set of sidewalls making them 100% waterproof. As with all temporary structures, we have maximum wind loadings that we have to abide by. Capri marquees are capable of withstanding winds up to 35mph, after that we’ll need to take additional precautions such as additional anchorage, removal of sidewalls to allow strong winds to pass through, or in worst case scenarios dismantling of the marquee(s).

When do we install and take down the marquee?

Although this is not set in stone, as a general rule we install your Capri Marquee Hire on Fridays a take down on Mondays. The Monday before your event we’ll advise your install day and on the Wednesday before your event we’ll provide you with a two hour install. 

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