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Yes and Here's Why...

Let’s face it, it’s not sexy or exciting, but it’s essential.

Having the right insurance for your event could be the difference between having the party of a lifetime, or one you’ll want to forget. It’s our duty to provide you with crystal clear info so you know you’re protected.

In short, insurance is a must. In fact, we’ll not install a marquee without ensuring there is adequate insurance in place and this is both for the safety and security of your guests and for us as a company.

There are two options highlighted below which we’ll explore, but before we do, here’s a real life scenario from a previous event.

Party Of The Year, Or Is It?

You’ve been planning ‘party of the year’ for months, every detail has been taken into consideration. Your favourite band are playing, the caterers are exceptional and you have a beautiful marquee courtesy of your favourite marquee company, Eureka Hire of course!

The party goes off with a bang and it’s so good, you’ve already committed to throwing it again next year, but then something happens… Whilst being carried out, a large drinks fridge has caught the marquee and torn a 2ft hole. If you have insurance, you’re covered, great job – phew! However, if you don’t have insurance, ouch!

We’re super friendly people and as you’ll see when we install, we insist that our marquees are beautifully white and free from nasty old patches. Although it was a complete accident, we’ll ask you to cover the cost of replacing the marquee top which as you can imagine, runs into the thousands. Fortunately, our client at this event had adequate insurance in place.

What Are My Options?

To keep this all super simple, we strongly advise you to take one of the two options below.

6% Damage Waiver

This is the easiest and cheapest way to ensure you are protected against damage whilst our equipment is in your possession. The total damage waiver fee is 6% of your invoice total.

Eg: Invoice Total = £1000 // 6% Damage Waiver = £60

What this damage waiver means is that we’ll not hold you contractually liable for the full value of a product should it be damaged whilst in your possession. You’ll only be liable for the first £500 as stated in our terms and conditions, which is considerably cheaper than the ‘Party Of The Year’ scenario above.

Third Party Insurance Company

This is the most comprehensive option to take and for a slightly higher fee, it’ll cover most angles of your event.

We highly recommend –

Make sure you use the link above and although there are no financial benefits, it’ll let them know we’re thinking of them 🙂 are not only super helpful and friendly, but are also the leading specialists in this field. Their service doesn’t only cover our equipment, but will also cover storm, theft, flood, fire, malicious damage, accidental damage and event cancellation.

To summarise, whether you opt for Eureka Hire or another marquee company, don’t you leave your event to chance. Choose peace of mind, protect yourself and your guests and have a great party!

Simon Reddy

Eureka Hire Ltd have been been working with Capri Marquees since 1994. Acting as both European Distributor for the Capri Marquee, but also running their Marquee Hire department based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Their extensive knowledge with this structure is unrivalled and the Eureka! reputation speaks for itself. You’re safe in the hands of Eureka! Hire.

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